Round-table discussions on local politics and urban policy with folks hanging out at the Yimby Clubhouse in downtown San Francisco. Regulars include Laura Foote Clark, Sam Moss, Sonja Trauss, and a few other loudmouths.

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    Epic Micro-Targeting

    Laura, Sam, and Sonja Trauss's volunteer coordinator Ben discuss the SF supervisor campaigns as we get close to Election Day.

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    YIMBY Goes to School

    Guests Michelle Parker and Victor Olivieri discuss San Francisco's transportation challenges getting kids to public schools and City College's plans for its land, including housing on Balboa Reservoir.

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    Fixing Homelessness and Improving Transit

    California wants homelessness and transportation to get better, but isn't always willing to pay for it. We discuss the fights over Prop C (vote yes) and Prop 6 (vote no), and hear about the YIMBY Mobility club's recent mobilization.

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    SPECIAL: Richard Rothstein "The Color of Law" Mission YIMBY event

    On Oct 10th, Mission YIMBY held an event at the Brava Theater with Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. It was a powerful lecture on the racist history of housing in the United States, with opening remarks from organizer Steven Buss and Mission Housing's Sam Moss.

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    Eastern Neighborhoods

    A chat with Sonja Trauss and Theo Ellington, candidates to represent SoMa, Dogpatch, Bayview and other east-side neighborhoods that together are building 80% of San Francisco's new housing.

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    Endorsements All the Way to the West Side

    Laura and Sam run through YIMBY Action's major endorsements for November 6th. Then we talk to Trevor McNeil, a schoolteacher, parent, and pro-housing candidate for District 4, the Sunset.

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    Ernest for East Bay

    Ernest Brown from East Bay for Everyone chats with Laura and Sam about organizing, politics and Big Ideas in YIMBY. Links in the show notes...

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    Eat Local!

    Insightful panel discussion with restaurant owners and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, hosted by YIMBY Action and the Bay City Beacon! May be the best podcast yet!

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    The Campaign is Over, Long Live the Campaign!

    Randy Shaw of Beyond Chron joins Sam and Laura to hash over election results, talk about his upcoming book, "Generation Priced Out." Is the sound quality annoying? Help us make it better by donating to YIMBY Action!

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