Round-table discussions on local politics and urban policy with folks hanging out at the Yimby Clubhouse in downtown San Francisco. Regulars include Laura Foote, Sam Moss and a few other loudmouths.

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    Politics vs Policy in Smart Growth

    Can you effectively advance urbanist policy without doing "politics"? We discuss with our guest from Washington, DC, Alex Baca, who works for the Coalition of Smarter Growth.

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    The More HOMES Act

    The newly unveiled More HOMES Act (or SB50) would unban apartments near transit and in high-opportunity areas. It's the new SB 827, but it's more ambitious, has clearer and stronger anti-displacement protections, and has racked up new supporters, including the building trade unions and many local officials. We chat about the bill, the public reaction so far, and its relationship to the Bay Area's regional housing compact, CASA.

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    Literally Obliterated

    Elections happened, and by now it's well known that the YIMBY supervisor candidates in San Francisco took a bruising. But there's good news from the East Bay, statewide, and elsewhere on the ballot. Darrell Owens from East Bay for Everyone joins us to talk about what just happened and what's next.

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    Epic Micro-Targeting

    Laura, Sam, and Sonja Trauss's volunteer coordinator Ben discuss the SF supervisor campaigns as we get close to Election Day.

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    YIMBY Goes to School

    Guests Michelle Parker and Victor Olivieri discuss San Francisco's transportation challenges getting kids to public schools and City College's plans for its land, including housing on Balboa Reservoir.

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    Fixing Homelessness and Improving Transit

    California wants homelessness and transportation to get better, but isn't always willing to pay for it. We discuss the fights over Prop C (vote yes) and Prop 6 (vote no), and hear about the YIMBY Mobility club's recent mobilization.

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    SPECIAL: Richard Rothstein "The Color of Law" Mission YIMBY event

    On Oct 10th, Mission YIMBY held an event at the Brava Theater with Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. It was a powerful lecture on the racist history of housing in the United States, with opening remarks from organizer Steven Buss and Mission Housing's Sam Moss.

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    Eastern Neighborhoods

    A chat with Sonja Trauss and Theo Ellington, candidates to represent SoMa, Dogpatch, Bayview and other east-side neighborhoods that together are building 80% of San Francisco's new housing.

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    Endorsements All the Way to the West Side

    Laura and Sam run through YIMBY Action's major endorsements for November 6th. Then we talk to Trevor McNeil, a schoolteacher, parent, and pro-housing candidate for District 4, the Sunset.

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    Ernest for East Bay

    Ernest Brown from East Bay for Everyone chats with Laura and Sam about organizing, politics and Big Ideas in YIMBY. Links in the show notes...

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    Eat Local!

    Insightful panel discussion with restaurant owners and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, hosted by YIMBY Action and the Bay City Beacon! May be the best podcast yet!

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    The Campaign is Over, Long Live the Campaign!

    Randy Shaw of Beyond Chron joins Sam and Laura to hash over election results, talk about his upcoming book, "Generation Priced Out." Is the sound quality annoying? Help us make it better by donating to YIMBY Action!

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    Housing For ALL

    Selections from our Mayor Elect London Breed. The first is from her opening comments at the YIMBY Mayoral Debate. The second is from her vote not to oppose SB 827.

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    It's 4pm - Hit Refresh!

    No, we don't know who the Mayor is yet. But we can still talk about it! Sam Moss and Laura Foote Clark are joined by SF Magazine Editor Scott Lucas and Bay City Beacon's Data Expert Andy Mullan. Expand for more links...

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    Uppers And Downers in Zoning

    While SB 827 failed, we launched our new offices, won a lawsuit and had a party. Come along for the highs and lows.

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    YIMBYing All Over the Great State of California

    Sam and Laura are joined by Maya Rosas of recently launched YIMBY Democrats of San Diego and Elizabeth Hansburg of People for Housing Orange County! It's a sprawling discussion about YIMBYing across California in all it's red, blue, and purple glory.

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    Selections from ULI's Conference

    The Urban Land Institute (ULI) held "Housing the Bay" with a lightening round of speakers. Listen to 3 quick minutes by folks from YIMBY, Tech Equity, and more!

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    Beauty is in the Eye of the Brutalist

    Special Guest Broke Ass Stuart joins Laura and Sam to discuss exactly how terrifying 8 story buildings can be for the faint of heart.

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    Organized Lunatics

    Laura, Sam and special guest Louis Mirante from California YIMBY talk SB827, Balboa Park Reservoir and the cost of delay. Check notes for links to articles and more...

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    Super Supervisor Sheehy

    Announcing the YIMBY Ballot Proposition with Supervisor Jeff Sheehy! We need you to roll up your sleeves and help us get this passed. Join YIMBY Action, Donate to the Ballot Prop, and volunteer to collect signatures. It's all hands on deck! Click to expand...

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    NIMBY Wackamole

    Laura and Sam with special guests Todd David and Corey Smith from the SF Housing Action Coalition talk about the Mayor's Directive, the Games NIMBYs play, and the art of selling out. Check show notes for links...

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    A Winning Podcast

    Laura, Sam and Lilia Luciano bask in the glow of major state-wide housing legislation passing the California Assembly and heading for the Governor's desk. This might be the turning point we've been fighting for. Come party tonight!

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    Intellectual Honesty

    Reporter Liam Dillon talks with Laura about the Housing Package and a recent CA Supreme Court ruling on local taxes. They discuss the appetite for serious change, environmentalism, San Francisco quirkiness...

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    State of the BART

    Brian and Laura interview Bart Board Director Nick Josefowitz about the state of BART, funding, and what comes next for our aging Bay Area sometimes-less-than-Rapid Transit system.

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    Modern Progress

    Check the show notes for an CALIFORNIA ACTION ALERT! In this episode: new members of Team YIMBY are introduced! Then Laura and Sam chat with Professor Jason McDaniel about the Mods, the Progs and how we define ourselves.

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    Reality Has a YIMBY Bias

    Brian is moving to Sacramento! Sam still has a job! And Laura gets drunk and says let it all burn. Read more and take action by clicking below...

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    Chiu-ing on Housing Policy

    Assemblymember David Chiu sits down with YIMBY Laura Clark to talk state housing policy, San Francisco and his vision for housing in the Bay. Keep an eye out for a postcard campaign to support his AB71!

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    It's a Pun. Laugh.

    YIMBYs and NIMBYs in the News! Sam, Brian and Laura talk about their feels. Links about all the stuff:

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    Turns Out SF IS In California

    So much legislation, and so much ranting about Prop 13. Laura, Sonja, Brian and Sam go off on many worthy tangents, so try to keep up! Take action by clicking some of the links below:

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    It's Pronounced K. P. O. O.

    Sam Moss of Mission Housing and Laura Clark of YIMBY Action were guests on "Connecting the Dots" on K.P.O.O. with Judy Drummond. It was a great show on San Francisco's "Poor People's Radio".

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    At Home with Supervisor Tang

    A brief explainer of Home-SF, Supervisor Katy Tang's legislation that is a local version of the State Density Bonus. Contact your Supervisor to support this legislation now! Click below to find contact information...

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    The Fetishization of Percentages

    This week Sam, Laura and Brian discuss Assemblymember Ting's AHBP-wounding legislation, Inclusionary Nonsense, and How a Bill Becomes a Doorstop.

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    Senate Transportation & Housing Committee: PART 1

    On March 7th, the Senate had a 4+ hour hearing. In this first condensed section, we hear from experts on California's housing crisis, subsidized affordable housing, how zoning and permitting restrict housing and more!

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    The Year of Wonk

    We may have gone a little too far into the weeds on this one... But... YIMBY National Convention 2017! State-wide Housing Legislation! Inclusionary Zoning Debates! Expand for Links...

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    Chicken John For Racy Polaroids '07

    Very special guest Chicken John comes on the podcast to tell Laura and Sonja about running for mayor, fighting with the system and so much more. This episode is sure to be a classic.

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    Our Favorite Refugees From Trump's America

    Meet D and Skylar, our new Kentucky besties. And Yimby Action is the new jam. Grow San Francisco is old news. It's all about the consolidated Yimby brand. Get pumped. Also #ShadowScandal. Discretionary Review is a train wreck and we all know it.

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    ADEM: California Beanstalk Climber Convention

    Laura Clark, Brian Hanlon and Mission Housing Director Sam Moss chat about the obscure but important upcoming ADEM elections, HUD, regional housing conversations, and the political importance of the San Francisco leather scene.

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    CARLA Panel Discussion: Race, Class & Place

    Brian Hanlon hosts a fascinating panel: Ben Metcalf (CA HCD), Tomiquia Moss (Oakland Mayor's Office), Michael Lens (UCLA), Kate Downing (Palo Alto Forward)

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    How to Deal with Hill-Dwelling Haters

    The Yimby Crew discusses all the recent press and how to deal with the haters. Laura, Sonja and Brian debate what is worth responding to and what is just straight up nonsense.

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    Taking it State Wide: Senator Scott Wiener

    Our recently elected Yimby Approved State Senator Scott Wiener is charging out of the gate, adding some teeth to regional housing accountability. We can't wait to see what he does next!

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    Evil Must Be Opposed

    While the national election looms over everything, the YIMBYs attempt to process local the results. What the hell just happened?

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    Assuming there will be a Tomorrow...

    Tomorrow is election day. Assuming we all live, here's what comes next. This week we're sponsored by Brigade. Check out Laura and Sonja's ballots in the full show notes. Crap sound agin. You should probably donate for better quality. Just sayin...

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    Locked Out of the Housing Market

    An interview with John Gamboa, President of California Community Builders. It's a deep dive into the weeds of homeownership, focusing on policies to support Latino and low-income Californians.

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    Election Day Announcements!

    A short episode that will rouse you to action! Oh my god, everything is so exciting and happening!

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    Pissed Off Over Proposition P

    Sam Moss, Executive Director of subsidized affordable housing developer Mission Housing and good friend of the Yimbys, comes on to spar over Proposition P. Whiskey was key to the success of this conversation.

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    The Banksys of Bike Infrastructure & Big Money

    In the first half we're joined by the most epic people in local politics, SF Transformation - @sfmtra on Twitter. Then we switch to talk about the role of big, dark, sinister, sweet money in local campaigns.

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    Borderline Spite and Other Motives

    A shorter episode, in which we hear from lots of Yimbys. Volunteers from the Mass Mobilization tell us what motivates them and what it's like to talk with voters. Canvassing: It's not so hard! So come join us.

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    The Brisbane of My Existence

    President Obama is officially a YIMBY. We're over the moon! Except... now we have to do the organizing to actually get this done. So, what does building a ground game look like?

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    Career Ending Podcast

    San Francisco Planning Commissioner Christine Johnson gives us an insider perspective on all those hearings we've been tweeting from. How did she find herself on the Planning Commission? Is this how it ends? We hope not, because we're huge fans!

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    Suburban Setbacks

    What's happening in our suburbs? Laura, Silvia and special guest Corey Smith of SFHAC chat about the opposition to infill projects in southern San Francisco and the South Bay.

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    I've Got a Proposition For You

    Laura Clark, Sonja Trauss and Silvia Mahan dig into a few of the more interesting ballot propositions. They pull no punches and dive into the weeds. Special guest Milo Trauss.

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